4420 Fifteenth Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11219
(718) 851-2900

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By virtue of its experience, deep reserves of faculty expertise and long history of having trained generations of teachers in the field of Jewish education, Seminar L’Moros Bais Yaakov offers a credential that is widely recognized. Our programs of study are student focused and structured to create the optimal seminary experience.


Seminar L’Moros Bais Yaakov offers a curriculum of primary source based courses in the intellectual underpinnings of the Jewish heritage coupled with a challenging program of intellectual and methodological training.


An important part of the seminary experience, is the attention paid to the students’ needs, whether in the form of academic counseling, personal counseling, or otherwise, our staff is always there to assist the students with their needs.


The seminary provides a number of extracurricular activities, designed to supplement the academic curriculum and augment the student’s educational experience. The variety of options enables each student to find something that suits her unique interests.